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Answering Your Questions About Electrolysis


What is Electrolysis?
Electrolysis has been used to remove unwanted hair for more than 100 years. It is the only procedure available for the permanent removal of hair.
How does Electrolysis work?
A needle-like probe is inserted into the hair follicle along the path of the hair. Then, a small amount of electrical current is applied, destroying the bottom of the hair follicle and eliminating the follicle’s ability to generate any further hair growth.
What is the hair growth cycle?
Your hair has different growth cycles depending upon where it appears on your body. Eyelashes and eyebrows typically grow for four months and then shed. Scalp hairs grow from two to six years before they shed. After shedding, the hair follicles may lie dormant for a period of a few weeks to several months before new hairs emerge. Legs and arms tend to have less-active growth at any given time, while the chin and beard area have more- active growth. As treatment continues, hairs emerging from dormancy may be perceived as regrowth, when in fact it is new growth that was not previously visible for treatment.
Will there be regrowth?
A planned course of treatment works best to eliminate regrowth. Hairs that regrow after treatment are usually finer and less resistant to treatment. Left untreated, the regrowth will eventually resume its original characteristics. Thus, success is best assured with regular treatments until the hairs are permanently eliminated.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments depends on the type and extent of the hair growth, the removal methods you have used previously, the skin’s reaction, your sensitivity and the frequency of the treatments. The initial treatment time for most areas is four months, with follow-up treatments lasting approximately one year.
How should I care for my skin following the treatment?
Some redness and swelling is to be expected following treatment. The skin typically returns to normal after a few hours. See aftercare instructions.
Is Electrolysis painful?
Discomfort during treatment depends on the area being treated and the individual patient’s tolerance. Each patient’s treatment is specifically tailored to meet their requirements and level of comfort. Sensitive patients should ask for guidelines for making their treatment more comfortable.
Is the treatment sterile?
New, individually packaged, sterile probes are used for each patient and are disposed of immediately following the treatment. All other instruments are sterilized in accordance with state-regulated guidelines.
What does electrolysis cost?

The charge for each session is as follows:

  15 minutes                                    $60
  30 minutes                                    $80
  45 minutes                                    $100
  1 hour                                           $120
  2 hours                                         $240
  3 hours                                         $360

Prices subject to change without notice.
What are the business hours?

Consultations and sessions are by appointment only
The following are approximate business hours:
      Monday – 9:30am - 6pm
      Tuesday – 9:30am - 6pm

      Thursday – 9:30am - 6pm
      Friday – 9:30am - 2pm
      Saturday – 9:30am - 2pm


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