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the areas treated all these years later.”

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Bare Legs, no hair

Electrolysis is for you

Descanso Electrolysis is located in a private office. We specialize exclusively in electrolysis. We don’t sell other products or services.


We just remove hair — permanently.

Excessive hair growth is a problem for a majority of women. It can be hereditary or it can be caused by medications, stress or changes in hormones (especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause).

Women take advantage of electrolysis to refine the appearance of numerous areas of the body, from the shaping of the eyebrows to improving the look of the bikini line.

Electrolysis can eliminate unwanted facial, chest, tummy, underarm, leg, back, finger and toe hair and accomplish hairline reshaping. Electrolysis is permanent. Treated areas appear smooth and typically do not show evidence of previous hair growth.

Men often have their eyebrows separated or thinned, their beards shaped, ingrown or irritated beard hairs treated, and neck, chest, arm, back, and ear hair removed.

Transgender clients usually begin with the removal of all of their excess facial and neck hair before starting additional hair-removal projects. Helpful information is available at http://www.tsroadmap.com/.

A complimentary consultation will help you decide how your area of concern can be most effectively treated. Following treatment, you will enjoy your improved look and the permanent elimination of your unwanted hair.


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