Electrolysis is still
the only true
permanent hair removal method recognized
by the FDA.

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"I have known Judee Carrico for close to 20 years beginning first as a client and now as a friend.  I met her when I found Descanso Electrolysis in the phone book and soon began treatment.  I wanted to have electrolysis done on a couple of areas on my body and got fantastic results.  There is still NO hair in the areas treated all these years later.  As well as being professional, Judee made me feel totally comfortable at all times during our consultations regarding my hair removal needs and during the treatments.  I highly recommend Judee at Descanso Electrolysis and electrolysis as a permanent hair removal treatment."

- Annette Blohm 


"Descanso Electrolysis owner and electrologist Judee Carrico is wonderful to be around and work with, highly skilled, fastidiously sanitary, reliable, and produced flawless results on my hair-removal. Her understanding and empathy for TS women is so comforting for the client and results in a warm and inviting office for this extremely important part of any transition. I had what is considered a “challenging” hair removal situation; fair skin and light colored hairs, (Celtic/Irish descent) densely packed and full coverage. Hairs that were removed stayed removed, as dormant ones emerged subsequently over time these were permanently treated as well. It has been about five years since my face was cleared, and it has remained clear. After my face, we worked on torso and surgery site with similar results. Not only were the results reliably permanent, there was absolutely no skin damage, or scaring. After treatment there would be a few hours of mild redness/irritation, almost unnoticeable and completely gone within a few hours. This is quite remarkable given that my skin is dry, sensitive and prone to rashes and irritation. I believe that Judee’s skill and years of experience enables her to find the perfect balance between permanence, speed, and skin health."

- Tori Poppenheimer
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" Descanso Electrolysis has helped give me the confidence in my appearance so I feel great about the way I look with my active lifestyle down at the beach."    

- Ian S 


"I tried everything from shaving, plucking to laser treatments and waxing and I only got temporary results.  My 85-year-old grandmother had told me she did electrolysis many years ago and was happy with the results. And it wasn’t until I found Descanso Electrolysis in the phone book that I had decided to call. I set up a consultation and when I met Judy she made me feel very comfortable, I felt she really understood my frustrations and from that point on it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am so happy with my results. I can hold my head up and look people in the eye and not be ashamed.  I have recommended Descanso Electrolysis to my friends and family and I have no doubt you will too."



"It will come as no surprise when I tell you what a huge and wonderful difference your electrolysis treatments on my chin and upper lip have made in my life.  I know I told you this during my course of treatments over a period of 7 months early this year, but it’s worth repeating now.  Honestly, when I first went to see you, I was wondering if electrolysis would work, given a past trial (that, admittedly, I have perhaps quit without giving a fair chance).  But up front, you gave me encouragement and told me to be patient, and said that I would be sure to see positive results. Obviously, I was quite self-conscious about my appearance when we met, all the more so since I had to allow some growth to appear before you could begin.  Initially, it was hard to wean myself away from the tweezers, which had become a staple in my make-up tray.  Since I was instructed to use only a razor or scissors in the months to follow, I hid the tweezers away…out of sight, out of mind.  It really was not that difficult once progress began.  Even after one session that removed all visible hairs, I started to gain the confidence that I could make it from one appointment to the next by merely snipping what I didn’t want to see.  These days, there’s really nothing left to snip! Throughout, I was impressed with your precision of hand, ultimate cleanliness, punctuality & thorough professionalism.  You may certainly use my name as a reference for the quality of your work and your entire office procedure.  For sure, it was my lucky day to run across your name in the Yellow Pages last winter.  I wish you well in the future, and know you will continue to please countless others in their quest to look nicer and “smoother’ than they may have ever thought possible.  I may return in time to address the brow area but, if not, thank you from the bottom of my heart and my chin!" 

- Susan H.


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